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Founded in 2004, 100 Plus Music Ltd. is committed to produce original music of Macau, and to discover and support local music talents, so as to promote the development of Macau’s music industry.

In recent years, we seek to evolve and diversify our businesses around the idea of Macau original music to provide one-stop music service. We work with different multimedia companies to produce various music events as well as musicals. Our goal is to create multiple music platforms to promote the music industry of Macau.

We own the copyrights of over a hundred local original songs, including “My City”, “The Roundabout”, “Era of Changes”, “Blur” , “The Crying Nocturne”, “Life as a mould” and “I Burn Therefore I Am”. Our productions have been awarded the Golden Song of Best of The Pop Music. Our signature album brands include My Stories of City and iBand. They are both compilation albums collecting the works of local singers and bands much loved by our fans.

We have also worked with Warner Music Hong Kong, EMI Hong Kong and Beijing’s Tree Music to promote original music from Macau to neighboring regions in Asia.


Founded in 1994 and formerly known as “Goldone Studio”, 100 Plus Studio (since 2006) is a professional recording and post production studio, providing professional production services for music, vision production, sound design theatre, commercials, voice-over recording.

We have Room A built mainly for vocal recording and editing, and Room B for live performance recording. Our control room and tracking room are designed specifically for recording purpose, providing a perfect ambience for capture sound and music performance. Within Room B there is also a vocal booth to produce clean, high quality vocal recordings.


Artist Management

We provide professional artist management to help artists to explore the market and liaise for jobs and assignments. We support our artists in all aspects including promotion and training.  In future, we will continue to discover new faces and invite talented artists to join us.


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(Past Artists)


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