New Horizons

Crossline , 2013

Crossline is a local band formed in 2009 and has since written several original songs with strong and unique style. Crossline is intended to mean crossing lines, just like the dreams and ideals of each of their members meet and cross each other, and results in their collective passion and love towards rock music. Crossline also symbolizes to break limitation. Through music, they remember their burning passion in life. And they have decided to spend their limited lifetime on creating unlimited possibilities with music.

For Crossline, 2013 was a remarkable year. This year, they were producing their first album while some members were going through hard times in life. They were also busy with their studies, which made it even harder to make time for the album. But with their own persistence and much support from their beloved, they successfully completed the production of their first EP New Horizons, on time and of astonishing quality. Meanwhile, Crossline has also shot the MV for their first hit “Thorn”, hoping to surprise their fans with visual sensation on top of their passionate sound of music.

Song List

  1. Thorn
  2. Love in the Ice 
  3. Falling Sakura 
  4. Starry Sky
  5. New Horizons